Classic promotional items to distribute to your customers

Promotional items are a hit amongst many businesses and recipients, and customers are always counting on their favourite brands to spoil them with an incessant amount of promotional products! The truth is that promotional items selection has improved significantly over the years, and marketers have set out new items to please their customers. However, there are a couple of classic promotional branded items that would never go out of style!


Branded pens are known to be the alternative for business cards and they make an exclusive way to advertise your business name and logo to your audience. Lucky for you, a branded pen can bear a company’s name and logo simultaneously; therefore, it increases your brand chances to get admired and acknowledged by your audience.


Mugs are the “eternal” way to advertise your business and anyone would be delighted to add a free mug to their collection. Receiving a customised mug is a surprise for anyone, and they would love to browse through your business after receiving a mug from you.

Tote bags

Tote bags make a classic way to advertise your brand and its efficiency and usability would enable the recipients to become a long-term buyer of your brand. You can simply distribute branded tote bags to your audience along with other essential promotional products added to the bunch, and they would be grateful to your business for your generosity.

Key chains

Distributing customised and branded key chains or key rings resonate with the needs of many customers and there is nothing they would like more than using a branded key to embellish their keys.

Coffee sleeves

Branded coffee sleeves are a favourite amongst any recipient for promotional item, and receiving customised coffee sleeves for free would take coffee drinkers to the Cloud 9.